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  1. riuthamus added a post in a topic Riu has a kickstarter - Precursors Dawn   

    I will let you guys know, my goal will be 10$ for BHS members, maybe put up 20 copies or something.
  2. riuthamus added a topic in General Discussion   

    Riu has a kickstarter - Precursors Dawn
    Check it out and spread the word if you think it is worth it. Thanks again, hope to have something to show to the community. I talked with the guy who is running it and he said he would be willing to throw up some discounted subs for people from BHS, we would open it for one day only and have a limit on it. If interested, let me know here.
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  3. riuthamus added a topic in General Discussion   

    Riuthamus's Game - GameJam
    Figured I would link you guys and get your thoughts. Game was created in 3 days for a gamejam. You can download it from itch.io.
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  4. riuthamus added a post in a topic Starting back up slaughterhouse server?   

    I honestly wish there was something we could do, but most of us who could help you are too tired of the game to even attempt to do so. If you are going to bankroll a server and use our name/forums I am okay with that. Just let me know. Otherwise, we would need a more concrete concept of what you want.
  5. riuthamus added a post in a topic Street Fighter V   

    easier combos, half of the actual content isnt even in game yet, has a sign on it saying, WILL BE OUT LATER lol
  6. riuthamus added a post in a topic Street Fighter V   

    I am, but they fucked it up so bad! lmao....
    riuthamus is mine
  7. riuthamus added a gallery image in Member Albums   


    In album: Riuthamus

    76 images in this album
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  8. riuthamus added a post in a topic Star Citizen   

    If they make this game like a interactive "The Expanse" im so on its dick like a gay dude in a gay bar!!
  9. riuthamus added a post in a topic The Division   

    The game is really good. I am ready to buy it first day its out.
  10. riuthamus added a topic in General Discussion   

    Please, if you have a paypal sub stop it now. We are no longer hosting servers at the end of this month so any paypal donation will go to keep the forums up. Otherwise, stop spending your hard earned cash! <3
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  11. riuthamus added a topic in Other Games   

    The Division
    Got into the beta, seriously this game is good! The pvp alone would be epic if you planned it out well enough. I am excited to see where this goes. Anybody else plan on buying it?
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  12. riuthamus added a post in a topic Draw down of Forces   

    @b4nny I love you! <3
  13. riuthamus added a post in a topic destiny ps4   

    I just started playing again last night. Been so long, game is so different. add riuthamus
  14. riuthamus added a post in a topic Street Fighter V Beta   

    damn, noice! please send! :)
  15. riuthamus added a post in a topic Black Desert Online Update   

    So, without spending hours on the details here is my thoughts so far:
    1) UI is horrible. They have everything everywhere. There is loads of information and they display it all at once. I feel like I am in the middle of Tokyo city with some futuristic advertisement setup system. Luckily, this is modifiable with an actual UI editor built in game. I have yet to toy with it, but many people say once you modify the UI its not bad. Out of the box it is HORRIBLE!!
    2) Combat is basic. System has the ability for complexity, but from what I can tell (lvl 11 and only 3 skills) there isnt much to it. Think diablo but with timing added. Despite the simplicity, they added a cool UI feature where you get to see what the skill looks like and what buttons to press to use it.
    3) Leveling is boring, its fucking horrible right now. Every so many quests you have to press , and talk to your spirit guardian. From there, you have to go through a fucktarded 20sec cutscene and then finally get to the thing he wants to discuss.
    4) Cutscenes are 100% text only and have simple transitions. This stuff was made in minutes and you can tell no effort has been put into cinematics yet. This shit will fly with Asian fans but will bomb when compared to WoW.
    5) Quests are basic and are "kill this shit!!". There is no interactiveness and the RPG elements they are saying exist DO NOT exist right now. This is something I really hope is better.
    1) Graphics are smooth and good on outdated hardware. Running 680's and I still get decent FPS on HIGH settings.
    2) Customization is pretty damn close to epic. They need to add more colors but other than that its great (no brown hair, wtf)
    3) Despite the annoyances with questing and simple convos, the game is still fun. I have yet to craft though...so... yeah
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