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  1. adamjared added a post in a topic Any chance of server for 1.9?   

    If you want to run nations, under the same basic way the staff did on our server, you don't need any custom-written plugins. All the custom plugins we used were for cosmetic purposes, magic, and things to make some admin stuff a little easier. None of these things are required to run a good nations server. Most of the neccessary plugins are pretty much ready to go, you just have to name the nations, set the ranks etc, and most of how to do that is documented by the plugin creator in one form or another.
    EDIT: I have since learned that we had no custom plugins for magic or things to make admin jobs easier.
  2. adamjared added a post in a topic Any chance of server for 1.9?   

    Have you done any research into the cost of this? I was never a part of that aspect on our MC servers, so I have no idea where to look lol. What I do know, is that you won't be able to run it just off of someone's home PC, not if you want more than 10 people to be able to connect to it at a time, and also want it up and running 24/7. You don't need someone to "host the server," you need someone to pay for server hosting, and I don't know who you'll find that has some extra money kicking around (I know I don't, I'm currently trying to buy a condo with my wife and need to save save save lol).
    I don't know if you had anyone in mind already, but you'll probably have to look outside of the list of previous admin staff. I know pretty much all of us are busy with work now, and therefore don't have much time to help with your new server. Although, I know that a majority of old players that were on BHS's Minecraft servers don't visit the forums anymore, so there could be someone out there who would be interested, they just have no idea that you're trying to do it. If you remember any names that stick out in your memory from when you played on our servers, you could send them a PM here on the forums. I think by default, you receive an e-mail whenever you get a private message on the forums (unless you disable that feature), so they may see that e-mail and then come check out the info about your new server.
    That being said, I don't know if you've ever done anything with plugins before, but you don't need that much Java knowledge to be able to use and run plug-ins. For most of the ones out there (if they have a decent developer), there is usually a guide or a walkthrough, or even video, about how to set up and use the plugin. Even threads in other Minecraft forums about other people's experiences/tips and the code they used, will usually be perfect enough!
    My recommendation to you, Fellynx, is to increase your own knowledge with the plugins that you think you'd need to run your server. That way, if you do find someone willing to pay for the hosting, you can at least get it started up right away if you still can't find a "plugin-guru". 
  3. adamjared added a post in a topic Any chance of server for 1.9?   

    Yeah I'd also be down to play on whatever server you guys set up. Whoever figures it out, Segata or Fellynx, message me if you need someone to help test or anything. 
    I'd probably play as an outlaw, rebuild Whitesands again xD
  4. adamjared added a post in a topic Street Fighter V   

    Just wanted to add my opinion here after actually playing the game.
    I really love the visual style of this game. Completely different from SFIV, love the new animations and also the new characters that were added. Granted, i'm not any good at the game (i'm getting better thanks to DMW lol) it's still fun to play and master as a newer Street Fighter player!
    Anyone else get it? We could start an "in-house" tournament or something for shits and giggles lol.
  5. adamjared added a post in a topic Need help in Battlefield 4   

    Not when i've joined by myself on servers. It waits till there are four people in to start the timer/ticket counts, but you can usually still run around and shit.
  6. adamjared added a topic in Other Games   

    Need help in Battlefield 4
    Hey, if anyone still has Battlefield 4 installed and has the Naval Strike expansion, I'd greatly appreciate it if I could take you into an empty server and kill you with C4 3 times, lol. I need them to unlock the only automatic sniper rifle in the game, and it has to be on the Naval Strike maps, which is hella hard since they're all water-based maps, so there isn't like a surplus of tanks driving around.
    Just reply here, message me on steam, or on origin if you'd be willing to help. Thank you!
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  7. adamjared added a post in a topic Still completely off gaming, but keep in touch   

    soy and rits... i miss you guys the mostest...

  8. adamjared added a comment on a gallery image 1296b6641bd67619e82e03242e4d53a7   

    Some nations are starting to take place. You better come start one while i'm offering "New Nation Bonuses!"
  9. adamjared added a post in a topic Dump retarded vids here
  10. adamjared added a post in a topic HAPPY BIRTHDAY!   

    Happy early birthday for next year Jew!
  11. adamjared added a post in a topic Dump retarded vids here
  12. adamjared added a post in a topic Dump retarded pics here V2   

  13. adamjared added a post in a topic Dump retarded vids here
  14. adamjared added a post in a topic Moment in Slaughterhouse Series   

    This one wasn't actually in TF2, but nonetheless, in my mind it's a Moment in Slaughterhouse.

    Tophu, DMW, and Cosine encounter a very scary monster while playing on our Modded Minecraft server. :P
  15. adamjared added a comment on a gallery image Dota 2 Swag!   

    Bought these from Thinkgeek on sale! The owls and goggles on Shagbark come off too :D
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