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  1. Jewjitsu added a topic in GW2: Heart of Thorns   

    Final Beta Weekend
    Starting in 2.5 hours, players who preordered Heart of Thorns will be able to play the last beta of the expansion until midnight PST on Sunday. Players will be able to play as any of the nine elite specializations, can return to the same section of Verdant Brink as the last beta weekend, AND can do the first wing of the first raid in GW2.
    More info here:
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  2. Jewjitsu added a topic in GW2: Heart of Thorns   

    Heart of Thorns Launch Trailer
    It's hereeeee!
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  3. Jewjitsu added a post in a topic The Druid, Ranger's Elite Specialization   

     New pet in Heart of Thorns available to all rangers
    TigerSmokescale- A dinosaur that you can tame. It creates a smoke field and while it is in it, it will evade attacks constantly and immune to all conditions. Creates a potentially very tanky pet.Bristleback – Brutal condition applying dinosaur. Consistently shoot spines at its targets, frequently applying bleeds to them.The F2 skill make its next several attacks applies bleeding at every strike. Electric Wyvern – Activated ability performs a head charge, stunning and knock up any enemy caught in its path. At end of the charge, it will leave behind a lightning field.Fire Wyvern – Has an activated ability where it flies up in the air and spew down fire from the air, creating a pulsating fire field. It is also immune while in the air.
    Bringing heavy healing to GW2, unlike anything you have seen before. Strong support, very powerful in upcoming raids and WvW. Can sustain a zerg train of 20-30 players in WvW.Upcoming content will have stuff that you can’t just dodge to survive.Berserk meta is going away.Uses staff, support through positioning.Staff skills
    Solar Beam: Any ally between you and the target that are caught inside the beam will be healed by you. 3 Pulses, 1200 range. The healing numbers you see on the tooltips are without stats so they will be better ingame.Astral Wisp: Cast a wisp on the target, it will deal damage to the target initially but any ally that it pass through will be healed. Good support for melee characters.Astral Gace: Movement based skill that can you into position. Can be used as an escape or gap closer. Heal allies at the location you end up. It serve also as a burst because it creates a blast finisher at that locale.Vine Surge: Fires off a cascade of vines, shooting toward your enemy to immobilize them. Allies caught in it are freed from movement impairing conditions.Sublime Conversion: Take any damaging projectiles and negate them without actually destroying them. It will turn incoming projectiles into healing projectiles. It will not work on projectiles coming from above so you will need to position yourself so that the projectiles are coming in at an angle and passes through the wall.Utility Skills (Glyph)
    Glyph skills will change in depending if you are on the Celestial Avatar form or the normal form.Normal Form Glyph skill
    Glyph of Rejuvenation: Heal yourself for a lot, heal allies within 300 radius for less than you get.Glyph of Alignment: Applies conditions, cripple and weakness in the target area. Giving you a chance to escape. You can charge in using Astral Grace, then pop Glyph of Rejuvenation/Alignment to help your allies escape.Glyph of Equality: Daze, does a mass AoE interrupt within 300 radius.Glyph of the Tides: AoE knockback of 360 radius. Give you and allies chance to escape or interrupt. Will see lots of use in PvP/WvWGlyph of Empowerment: Damaging support utility that boost nearby allies and your damage by 10% for the next 5-6s.Glyph of Unity: Tethers you to enemies. Any damage you take during the tether is propagated to enemies tethered to you. You are still taking the damage while tethered but you can use Glyph of Alignment for example to reduce the incoming damage to you without affecting the propagated damage. Glyph of Stone also works here to make you immune to damage while you propagate the incoming damage.Glyph changes in Celestial Avatar Form
    Glyph of Rejuvenation: You get healed for 1-2k, all allies get healed for 5-6kGlyph Alignment: Instead of applying conditions, heal allies and removes conditions from them very quicklyGlyph of Equality: AoE stun break that also heal allies.Glyph of Empowerment: Increase outgoing heals of alliesGlyph of the Tides: AoE pull, draw nearby enemies to you.Glyph of Unity: All allies nearby are tethered, whenever you are healed, allies you are tethered to are also healed.Celestial Transform (F5)
     Build up your astral force via attacking/healing(healing is more effective), transforming into a Celestial Avatar. Gaining a new set of skills, any glyphs you have turn into celestial forms.
    Cosmic Ray: No cooldown targeted ground application of straight up strong healing. You can pump out  a lot of healing with this skill.  Seed of Life: Plant a seed on the ground, when it bursts it heals allies and cleanse conditions. This skill is under review and we might add something else to it in the future.Lunar Impact: Drops a lunar missile on you, dazing enemies and healing allies in the process. It is a pretty strong daze, it is something you can use to break down a break bar.Tidal Surge: A channeled ability that is a huge constantly pulsating heal that heals for over 1k per tick. It also creates a water field and very visible for your allies.Natural Convergence: Immediately start to cripple and harm enemies in the range while you are casting. If this cast is completed, all enemy within range are bleed and immobilized for 5s.Traits
    Celestial Being – Allow you access to staves, glyphs and celestial avatarLive Vicariously – When you heal an ally, you are also healed. This makes you very sustainy and stable.Natural Mender – Increases your outgoing healing by 2% for 6s. Stacks to maximum of 10 stacks (i.e. gain 20% more outgoing heals).Adept
    Druidic Clarity – Becoming a celestial avatar removes ALL conditions from you.Cultivated Synergy – Using a heal skill heal allies around you and your pet. You can double up this ability if you stand next to your pet.Primal Echoes – Reduces recharge staff skills by 20% and daze enemies around you when you swap to staff.Master
    Celestial Shadow – When you leave Celestial form, you and your allies gain AoE superspeed and stealth.Verdant Etching – Reduce recharge of your glyphs by 20% and everytime you activate a glyph you plant a Seed of Life. It will cover the condition weakness that rangers typically had.Natural Stride – Reduce duration of movement impairing conditions by 50-66% and your movement condition is increased by 33% (i.e. perm swiftness) as long you do not have any movement impairing conditions. Great trait for getting from place to place.Grandmaster
    Grace of the Land – When you enter Celestial Avatar form, incoming condition damage is reduced by 33% for you and your allies.Lingering Light – Healing an ally creates a Cosmic Wisp that orbits you and healing allies it touchesAncient Seeds – Striking a stunned, dazed, knocked down, or launched foes summon roots to entangle them for 5s (immobilize + bleed). If you happen to knockback a bunch of enemies with say Glyph of the Tides and hitting them with another AoE ability for example it is going to hurt.Article from 
  4. Jewjitsu added a topic in GW2: Heart of Thorns   

    The Druid, Ranger's Elite Specialization
    The last elite specialization is coming this Friday at TwitchCon in the form of the Druid!
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  5. Jewjitsu added a post in a topic Engineer's Elite Specialization   

    The specialization is called the scrapper!
    View the full article on
  6. Jewjitsu added a post in a topic Hawaii Comicon - Mary's Costume   

    It's probably too big on him
  7. Jewjitsu added a topic in GW2: Heart of Thorns   

    Engineer's Elite Specialization
    It's coming... 
    Names? Will it actually be called the forge? Cause that's a dumb name :(
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  8. Jewjitsu added a post in a topic GW2 is Getting Raids in HoT   

    More information on how raids are going to work was released today.
    Hello, brave heroes and adventurers of Tyria! We’ve been sitting on a runaway hype train internally for months now, and we’re excited to finally say…
    Brace yourselves… Raiding is coming!
    Our goal for introducing Raids with the release of Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns™ is to give players the truly challenging group content you’ve been asking for. We want to create epic experiences for you and your friends to conquer together and, once your foes have been vanquished, to reward you in ways that allow you to show off your skills to the rest of Tyria.

    Ready Check!
    Every raid starts with a group of 10 like-minded players. We feel that a group size of 10 works well with the core combat mechanics built into Guild Wars 2 and still gives you the thrill of coordination between your allies. It’s just the right number of players to make an encounter feel challenging, and it isn’t so many players that you’re going to stress out over filling raid slots on any given night.
    With the purchase of Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns, once you’ve found a group of level 80 players ready to go, entering the first raid wing is as simple as walking up to the instance entry and zoning in. That’s it. No attunements and no repetitive gear grinds are going to stand in your way. The true challenge for raids in Guild Wars 2 should be in defeating the encounters, not getting inside.
    Inside the raid, you’ll find a variety of challenges laid out before you. One of the features thatGuild Wars 2 is well known for is our event system, and you can expect to see a number of encounters that take advantage of this system—holdouts, assaults, captures, defends, and more! These event encounters are designed to put your group to the test in ways that have never been seen before in PvE. But these event encounters are only part of it, because every raid needs bosses.
    Big, huge, epic bosses. These bosses come in all flavors of phases and mechanics that will increase in difficulty both in the encounter itself and as you progress through the raid wings. Their skills may change or evolve over the course of an encounter, they’ll probably call for backup, and they most assuredly will enrage if you take too long to kill them.

    Role Check!
    Raid encounters work a bit differently from other types of instanced content in Guild Wars 2. At the core of each encounter is a challenge that we want you and your group to solve. These puzzles, so to speak, will require focus on team coordination, communication, and both build and play roles.
    Build roles are what you do at a character level. Things like what weapons, utility skills, traits, and even armor you choose to bring to a fight. Some encounters are going to push you to try different weapons you rarely use, some are going to challenge you to select traits you haven’t considered equipping before, and some encounters may even require a member of your group to dust off that toughness gear to bulk up and tank some heavy hits to protect the condition-build players in the back. This is just a tiny sample of the types of build roles we want to push as a core part of Guild Wars 2 dynamic combat.
    Play roles are something that each player will face on an individual level. It’s all about execution here. Some encounters will require the entire raid party to perform a specific task to succeed. This could be something like gliding off the boss platform and catching an updraft to avoid a devastating attack. Other encounters will offer tasks that rely on the expertise of a few select players. This could be a specific creature that needs to be kited away from the rest of the group, otherwise exploding and dealing massive damage.
    And if you fail to fill these roles? You’re going to have a bad time. But don’t worry, as we’re leaving you a repair anvil at the entrance. You know—to collect your tears on.
    Dynamic Combat
    At the core of Guild Wars 2 and raiding lies our dynamic combat system. Performing well in raids is going to require a high level of play from every group member. Tactics like combo field manipulation, proper damage maximization, and damage mitigation for your profession will be vital to your success. The skills you’ve honed over your time playing Guild Wars 2 will be more relevant than ever!

    With the release of Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns, the Mastery system will give you a brand-new way to progress your character. Mastery track progression will absolutely be a key part of overcoming encounters. For example, in the first release, you’re going to need to explore the air with gliding and learn a few different ways to interact with mushrooms. On top of the Mastery tracks available at release, each raid release will add more raid-specific Masteries for you to earn.
    The raid-specific Masteries will serve a couple of purposes, but chiefly they allow the designers to create a feeling of progression throughout the raid content. If a player who is new to raiding joins your squad, he or she will—for the most part—be able to assist entirely in the encounters. That said, there are a number of Mastery traits attached to various facets of the raid encounters. For example, if your squad is working on the last boss of a wing, and no one has a particular and clearly stated Mastery unlocked, you’re probably going to fail spectacularly.
    Because of the usefulness of Masteries within Raids, we want players to have time to be free to power up their characters. We want you guys to be able to enjoy playing the expansion without rushing to max out every Mastery in order to prepare for Raids. For that reason, we’ll be activating the first wing of our first Raid shortly following the release ofGuild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns.
    So what’s in this for you, besides a whole lot of fun? Rewards, obviously! And we think that the rewards for raiding need to be so epic they just might be legendary. We’ll have a much more detailed blog post for you on raid rewards in the future, but in the meantime we’ll give you some of the basics.
    First, you can earn unique rewards once per week from raids, but you can play a raid as many times as you want to help your friends earn rewards or to refine your strategies. The encounters within Raids will contain tons of exclusive new items you’ll never be able to find anywhere else in the game, from miniatures, to weapon skins, to awesome titles. You can then proudly display these out in the open world to show off your skill and accomplishments. Own a Guild Hall? Awesome! You can loot a trophy from some of our bosses and use them as decorations to show off the challenge you’ve conquered.
    Secondly, raids will introduce the very first ever set of legendary armor. This isn’t any ordinary armor set! Similarly to legendary weapons, you’ll be able to change the stats that the armor provides. When entering combat, you’ll become a beacon of your heroic deeds as the armor set comes to life, animating around you. Only the bravest of heroes will be able to collect and craft these legendary threads.
    Thanks for reading, and we hope you’re as hyped as we are!
    Check it out:
  9. Jewjitsu added a topic in Guild Wars 2   

    Is ArenaNet Splitting from NCSoft?
    According to an interview with Colin Johanson and Mike O'Brien, ArenaNet is "taking over the publishing" of GW2 from NCSoft. However, after Mike O'Brien's quote, Colin tried to backtrack over that and say that that was not the case. My guess is it's up in the air and once the split is finalized they'll officially announce it. Or it's just not happening and we'll never hear about it.
    Check out the article here:
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  10. Jewjitsu added a post in a topic New to the game   

    Riu you were already in the BHS guild, I promoted you to Guild Leader. Just note, Supersex has been using the Guild Bank for storage so try not to take everything from there.
  11. Jewjitsu added a topic in GW2: Heart of Thorns   

    HoT Will Have 4 Maps
    Heart of Thorns will officially be adding four maps. I know some people were hoping for more, but I personally think it's fine so long as they're actually deep maps with real replayability a la the Silverwastes. And if they really do have that vertical aspect they promised us, it'll help make the maps feel more full at least. Plus it's one more map than we have in Orr, so it's an improvement.
    Announcement from:
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  12. Jewjitsu added a topic in GW2: Heart of Thorns   

    The Daredevil, Theif's Elite Specialization

    Hail, Tyrians! I’m Karl McLain, and today we’re here to talk about the thief’s elite specialization for Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns™. In the expansion, you’ll be able to specialize as the daredevil, a high-evasion death machine who roams the battlefield in search of their next target. The daredevil will wield a staff, use physical skills, and take advantage of unique dodge-roll abilities against the legions of Mordremoth.
    A Bold Approach
    To start off, let’s talk about the overall vision and theme for this specialization. The daredevil is an up-close fighter that can engage multiple enemies at a time with sustained area-of-effect damage while retaining high lethality toward single enemies. This high-flying damage dealer has an easier time maintaining fights in close range and has the tools to turn a fight the moment they find an advantage. With its high evasion potential, we’re excited to see the daredevil zipping around the battlefield, crushing vulnerable groups of enemies, and pressing the fight forward to the end.
    As it goes, thieves have a low health pool and a few different ways to supplement their survivability, notably shadowstepping, stealth, and evasion. With this specialization, we want to draw specific attention to evasion; you’ll have an extra endurance bar, bringing your total endurance to 150. Furthermore, your endurance abilities will be increasingly enhanced with the grandmaster trait line, where you’ll choose one of three different dodge-roll enhancement options:
    Lotus Training
    Your dodge changes to Impaling Lotus. While in combat, each dodge you use will throw daggers that bleed, torment, and cripple enemies. Additionally, this dodge functions as a whirl finisher.
    Bounding Dodger
    Your dodge changes to Bound, which gives you the ability to leap in a direction, dealing crushing damage at the location where you land. This dodge ability also functions as a leap finisher.
    Unhindered Combatant
    Your dodge ability changes to Dash, which removes cripple and chill effects from you and increases the distance you dodge.

    While wielding a staff, you’ll remain elusive while gaining access to regular area-of-effect melee damage. You’ll be able to make frequent use of weakness and blindness in addition to having evasion available to keep you mobile on the battlefield. Here are a few abilities you’ll have access to with this weapon:
    Weakening Charge: Twist forward, dealing damage and weakening enemies you strike.Debilitating Arc: Swing your staff forward, crippling enemies and launching you backward.Vault: Leap to a targeted area, dealing massive damage to enemies struck.Physical Skills
    To bolster the nature of the daredevil, the specialization will feature the use of the physical skill type. These abilities are single-target based, with a focus on disabling and eliminating weakened foes. The daredevil’s physical skills will have a variety of unique effects that aren’t normally available to the thief.
    Channeled Vigor: Channel your energy to gain endurance and health per pulse. Heal for more if your endurance is full.
    Fist Flurry: Strike your enemy multiple times. If all attacks hit, gain access to Palm Strike.
    Palm Strike: Strike your enemy once to deal massive damage and stun your enemy, marking them with a Pulmonary Impact. After a few moments, Pulmonary Impact delivers a second blow. This ability cannot critically hit enemies.
    Bandit’s Defense: Briefly block incoming attacks. If you block an enemy in melee range, retaliate and knock enemies down.
    Distracting Daggers: Equip a set of daggers that can be thrown to daze and interrupt enemies. Interrupting a skill with this ability increases the recharge of the skill interrupted.
    Impairing Daggers: Fling multiple afflicting daggers at a single enemy, delivering poison, slow, and immobilize to the enemy struck.
    This skill is a combo. You’ll be able to deliver three strikes in quick succession to your enemies, with the final skill granting the daredevil access to the first skill-based finisher available to players.
    Combo Skill 1—Impact Strike: Strike your enemy and daze them.Combo Skill 2—Uppercut: Deal a heavy blow with your fist, sending enemies flying in place (they do not move any distance).Combo Skill 3—Finishing Blow: Deal a downward strike on your foe. Downed enemies struck with this ability are finished.
    In addition to the grandmaster traits that change your dodge ability, there will be multiple other traits available to the daredevil that help bolster their in-combat prowess and enable them to constantly move around the battlefield. The first minor trait unlocks your first endurance bar, and the remaining minor traits will allow you to regain endurance upon stealing as well as gain health when you successfully evade an attack. Here are the other major traits you’ll have access to:
    Adept Traits
    Evasive Empowerment: After dodge rolling, your next attack deals bonus damage.Weakening Strikes: Cause weakness to enemies you critically hit.Brawler’s Tenacity: Gain endurance when you first activate a physical skill. Physical skills have reduced cooldowns.Master Traits
    Staff Master: While wielding a staff, gain endurance for each initiative point spent. Deal bonus damage when your endurance is not full while wielding a staff.Escapist’s Absolution: Remove a condition when you successfully evade an attack.Impacting Disruption: Enemies that you interrupt suffer a Pulmonary Impact. After a few moments, Pulmonary Impact delivers a massive blow to your foe.The daredevil presses forward. Through Mordrem, through Orrians, through enemies of the realm—felling enemies with deft blows as their tireless staves and fists fly true. See you all again soon!
    Article from:
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  13. Jewjitsu added a post in a topic Heart of Thorns Release Date Announced!   

    So apparently they may have not meant to release the tweet on Friday. It seems they were going to originally announce the release date at their PAX presentation yesterday but they dun goofed.
    Also, existing players who do not have free-to-play accounts will be getting the Royal Guard Outfit as part of the business model switch.





  14. Jewjitsu added a post in a topic GW2 Base Game is Now Free   

  15. Jewjitsu added a post in a topic GW2 is Getting Raids in HoT   

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