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  1. Virgil added a post in a topic Feel free to add any links to your favorite songs here.   

    FearOfDark - Motorway
    The feature track of his first full chiptune album of the same name. 
    Gareth Coker - Ori and the Blind Forest - Naru, Embracing the Light (feat. Rachel Mellis)
    Gareth Coker - Ori and the Blind Forest - Definitive Edition Trailer (feat. Aeralie Brighton)
    The original soundtrack, as well as the complete additional soundtrack for the game, are both worth listening to as well! 
    Goldroom - Verano Mix 2016
    I can never get enough of this guy's music and mixes! Enough said. 
    EDIT: I just realized I posted this THREE TIMES! Sorry!!!!!
  2. Virgil added a post in a topic list of who has overwach and want freinds   

  3. Virgil added a post in a topic Rank   

    Darn. Well, thanks for checking!
  4. Virgil added a topic in Team Fortress 2   

    Hey all,
    Is the rank page still out there by any chance? Or is it gone for good? I was hoping to look through the final results (and my chat history!) but if it's gone, it's gone.
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  5. Virgil added a post in a topic Overwatch Beta Weekend II: Electric Boogaloo   

    I'm Elrax#1390 at the moment, but I'll probably end up using my once-only name change soon.
    Virgil#11436. Let's play!!!
  6. Virgil added a topic in Team Fortress 2   

    Competitive Matchmaking
    It's still in beta, but from my time spent playing it seems promising. Quite a number of things they need to fix however. In my opinion - solo queueing is great but generally not a good idea. Maybe some brothers could play with me when it comes out!

    I've also received a beta pass, which *apparently* generates gift passes I can give away, yet I haven't seen any generated yet. If you want one toss me a message on steam and I'll see if I can pass one your way... IF the pass generates more, that is.
    What do you think of competitive so far?
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  7. Virgil added a post in a topic Join us this weekend for our last tf2 server bash!   

    It's sad to think I'll never get to see classics like vertigo, desperados, or rocketpong again. Glad we got to play them one more time before the server shut down.

    It really is the end of the line :(
    Here are some other fun bits I dug up, from other threads and from my fading memory:
    I'll see what else I can dig up, but for now I just wanted to thank you all for the memories! Wishing you all the best in your pubstomping endeavors.
  8. Virgil added a post in a topic Join us this weekend for our last tf2 server bash!   

    I hope it is OK to ask for more people to contribute to my Sign Project! I would like to jump at this opportunity while I still have the chance.
    I am at 51 signs right now!
  9. Virgil added a post in a topic Draw down of Forces   

    Thought you all might enjoy this tidbit from a recent interview b4nny did. Shout-out to the glory days at 17:16
  10. Virgil added a post in a topic Draw down of Forces   

    Do you really have to ask?! 
    I will be there as well. Even though that's my exam week! I could never pass up an opportunity to share the server with all of you again.
  11. Virgil added a post in a topic The Sign Project   

    Hello again everyone,
    Escrow is turning out to be a real thorn in my side right now. All trades I send out are held for 72 hours! The delay on my side will be removed in 3-4 days' time.
    I have put out a trade and will be receiving ~200 of each token within the next few days. I've reached out to more people in the meantime.
    Please contact me if you're interested in crafting one and I haven't added you yet.
  12. Virgil added a blog entry in Virgo's adventures   

    A short story with a twist!
    Hey everyone, figured I'd give the blog section a try since we haven't had any entries in a while! I wonder if I'll ever come back to this. We'll see!
    This is a short story, originally written entirely in spanish, by the students of my high school spanish class, with some MAJOR edits to make the story flow better. Each person in the class built off of what the previous person wrote. I've translated it for your reading enjoyment. Some words were altered by me after the fact. Enjoy!
    It was the end of the world. Everyone was dead.
    I was the last human alive.
    I lived in a small house with my dog, Jared. I was making some food when I heard a terrible noise. I turned to look, but what I remember seeing was something I'll never forget.
    Out of my window, I saw a truck coming towards me.
    The truck was very fast, and I had no time to run. It crashed into my house and I was almost knocked out by the falling bricks. I tried to turn my head to see who was driving, but I couldn't - I was paralyzed.
    Then I heard the door open. I was not alone.
    A strong, tall and serious man walked into my house. I struggled to reach my baseball bat when I heard a man call out - Is anyone here?
    I don't know how, but I managed to get up and get behind him. I was about to strike him in the head when he noticed me.
    He easily avoided my blows, and he seemed surprised that my first instinct was to try to kill him.
    "Hello," he said. "My name is Marco."
    "Juan," I replied.
    He gave me an icy stare for trying to blindside him, but quickly remembered why he had chosen to pay my house a visit.
    "I'm here to help," he said, brushing his shirt. "I found you because you like chatting with your dog. I drove down this road last night and heard noises coming from this house."
    "There are other people with me," he continued. "Can we stay with you?"
    I was overwhelmed at the news that we were not alone. Without a second thought, I said yes - and before I knew it we, together with my dog Jared, went to his truck and started back down the road he had driven to get to me. With the sun setting, I turned to ask him a question.
    "Where are we going?"
    "To a safe place, far from here."
    A few hours later, I heard a strange noise in the bed of his truck. I looked out the rear window and saw a brick, with a note taped to it.
    "STOP THE TRUCK!" I commanded him.
    We got out of the truck and looked at the note. It said:
               I'm watching you.
    We shot cautious glances at each other. Marco looked alright, but I was filled with fear. I couldn't see anyone around, it was dark, and I didn't know where we were.
    Then we heard an explosion.
    We turned to look. We saw a man in a white mask, knife in hand. He was dressed in dark clothing, and was coming towards us. Marco and I were frozen with fear. We rushed back into the truck and tried to start it up again, but for some reason it refused to do so.
    Then I discovered a gun in the glove compartment.
    I rushed out of the truck and looked around for the man, eager to shoot him in the head, but by that time he had disappeared from view.
    Marco and I thought it was over, but then we heard another explosion and ran.
    While we were running I realized I had to go to the bathroom. Marco took my dog while I ran and hid behind a bush. While I was doing my thing, Marco laid out his plan.
    "A few minutes down the road is a secret tunnel. Once we hit it, we're safe. A car will be there to bring us to our shelter three hours away. I don't want any problems though, so we need to be sure we're not followed on our way there."
    Marco's plan went as expected. We snuck our way to the tunnel and got to the escape car. Marco's friend was waiting for us there, and he drove us to the shelter. It was a smooth ride.
    But when we arrived at the shelter, there was a man waiting for us.
    It was the man in the white mask.
    We got out of the car, and to our surprise the man did not attack us.
    He took off his mask and ...
    The man was Gordon Ramsay.
    "I was using this knife to chop up some meat!" he exclaimed.
    He offered to make me some food, and I accepted. He took me and my dog in his helicopter to Hell's Kitchen and made me spaghetti and meatballs. My dog got to eat carrots and celery salad.
    After I finished eating, Gordon Ramsay said:
    "That'll be four hundred dollars!"
    THE END.
  13. Virgil added a post in a topic Dump retarded vids here   

  14. Virgil added a post in a topic The Sign Project   

    Thanks for taking the time to craft me one, it means a lot!
    If you have a preference for a description or decal you want applied to your sign please let me know. If not, I'm sure I'll think of something for you!
  15. Virgil added a post in a topic BHS Discord server?   

    OK. I'm testing the waters with this. I'm working out the little details but I believe no one should be able to mess up the roles. By default all new members are set to the everyone group and I will have to change your group to begin with, but after that you can invite others and set them up yourself (Captains get full permissions for everything.) I can even change your role if you're not online, so long as you have joined the server at some point. SO JOIN TODAY!
    The link to join the BHS Discord is:

    A few notes;
    Downloading the client is highly recommended. Discord can be run through browser but in that case the discord tab must be the active tab. Not good!Discord is similar to Vent, but without the server on our side. I don't actually own a server, Discord runs this for free. This means that even if I shut off my computer, the server (should) still be up for anyone to join.You can set your own avatar and username and change them whenever you feel like it.Once you join the server you will be listed in the right sidebar even if you are offline.If you are in-game, the game you are playing will be shown.Roles are set up as follows: Captain (fuchsia, highest), Elite (yellow), Brother (green), Non-Brother (blue, lowest). Captains can create their own Joke roles or rooms if they feel like it.Current rooms are: High Council, Administration, General, Team Fortress 2, Other Games, and AFK.Only Captains are able to join the High Council channel. Elite and above are able to join the Administration channel. Brothers and Non-Brothers cannot.You will be automatically moved to AFK channel after 15 minutes of idling. You are muted while in that channel.I seem to have executive power because I created the server. It seems even if I promote someone else and have them demote me, I still have permissions to change myself back. I hope this is OKOne final note: Please do not impersonate other people. There's sort of an honor system here because Captains get full access. I don't want to see people making accounts named Riuthamus to try to get me to promote them to Captain. Thanks!
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