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  1. thatperson added a topic in Overwatch   

    Free Overwatch Weekend Nov 18
    Play overwatch for free this weekend on the platform of your choice. Try it, excellent game. I have nothing bad to say about it.  Add us brothers from the other thread that lists display names!
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  2. thatperson added a post in a topic list of who has overwach and want freinds   

    Real easy username. I was pleased with the random numbers at the end. I just got this a few hours ago and played with trig and co. Was a blast. Hope to see you all in game.
  3. thatperson added a post in a topic Competitive Matchmaking   

    I've played 3 rounds so far and I'm not doing too hot. I got a gold medal as medic and I've gotten a bronze medal for solly. That's it. The other round I bombed. I think it's because I suck. Oh I've also got two beta passes to give away so get on my friends list if you want it. Search for thispersonthatperson on steam. That's the part of my steam url. We should play together. Has anyone made a steam group for slaughterhouse brothers interested in comp beta matches? THat'd be really good.
    Edit: as to my opinion of tf2 comp beta. It's really fun when it works and really bad when the other players disconnect. 
  4. thatperson added a post in a topic Draw down of Forces   

    I don't even remember how I got to this server. All I know is it was a blast. I spent years on here without communicating much or at all. Now I regret not having spoken to you guys sooner. 
    I remember someone had micspam clips of BHS members singing. Bust those out once more! Full disclosure. I liked Boots singing Boots Walk All Over You and I had a bit of a crush on Rose Lalonde. Her constant screaming of "Yeah Buddy, yeah buddy!" was a slight aphrodisiac to my hormonal teenage self. 
    My favorite person to kill on this server was Wart. I know I'm not the best player, but I always liked going head to head with Wart. I remember he would kill me loads of times to my pitiful number of kills on him but each time it was worth it. I got such a huge sense of satisfaction killing Wart. Something about taking out the top dog soldier. Dude has some serious skill. 
    I'd like to think I've gotten better but I think I just got worse at the game. Regardless it was a blast playing with you guys. Here's to the last hurrah! I'll be there. Let's try to convince old members to make reappearances for the event!
  5. thatperson added a topic in Team Fortress 2   

    Stop That Tank! TF2 Game Mode
    I've taken to playing this game mode called stop that tank. I don't know how long it has been around for. All I know is a friend of mine introduced me to it and I've loved it ever since. I wanted to share it with you guys because Slaughterhouse! 
    Here's the link to the official group:
    This is the description from their page.
    IMO PLR is the most fun mode but I've only seen 3 or 4 maps for it. The reason PLR is the most fun is because there are way more giants! In regular PL you get one giant after the cart/tank is destroyed by the red team. Who and what that giant is is randomly chosen but if you hang out long enough you'll get to try being a giant robot. I've been a giant medic, giant scout, giant engie, giant demo, giant spy. They were all a ton of fun. If you guys find regular old TF2 a bit stale, try it out. You'll probably like it!
    So this is the IP of the only server I've seen this side of the world.
    Check it out. :)
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  6. thatperson added a post in a topic Pub Stomp Society   

    I'm going to echo Jelly and say TF2 with you guys was about as social as I got. I've managed to make friends and be more social now but I miss playing with you guys. I was watching Vino's moments in slaughterhouse vids just now and felt a wave of nostalgia. Other servers just aren't like BHS. I support this idea and will play with you guys as PUB STOMPERS but more than anything I want us to fix the server. What can we do to get the server back? I don't want it to be over but it looks like it's the end of an era. Just when I wanted to show you guys my game had improved. I feel like a better soldier now. IDK what happened. Maybe it's because I don't get my ass handed to me on BHS every night now. :(
  7. thatperson added a post in a topic The Sign Project   

    The feels in this thread bro.
  8. thatperson added a post in a topic A question for the masses   

    So who else did Triggerhappy spam with this thread?
  9. thatperson added a post in a topic a personal look at star war and who the real bad guys are   

    My favorite jedi was Anakin Skywalker. I think that tells you my thoughts on the order. The child killing was a bit much, I'll admit, but who doesn't have their flaws?
  10. thatperson added a post in a topic You can now request a refund for Steam purchases   

    Nice. More power to the consumer!
  11. thatperson added a post in a topic Drink! Smoke! Stab.   

    Hello and welcome.
    Obligatory/Smoke Weed Everyday.
  12. thatperson added a post in a topic SlaughterHouse Faces Thread   

    I want to see more of Harry Potter Baconbit. You know the one with the wizard robe and old camera.
  13. thatperson added a post in a topic Mic Spam Requests?   

    yeah that one. Never have seen star trek.
  14. thatperson added a post in a topic HAPPY BIRTHDAY!   

    Is Rio birthday? Let's have server party on wub wub!
    Happy Bday!
  15. thatperson added a post in a topic Mic Spam Requests?   

    I want the most iconic BHS clips spammed every now and then. You know, quack, and shut up redley and others. I don't even know where to begin looking for these so I've not gotten them.
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