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  1. Sanbo added a topic in Other Games   

    Conan Exiles Server
    Hey guys I know some of you still hang around on here.  Since the official servers went down I made a 24 slot server for Conan.   If you want to join me your more than welcome.  Just search for Test Squad's.  Anywho catch you all later.
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  2. Sanbo added a post in a topic Ark survival evolved   

    I have been playing for over 500 hours on a private server.  I tried the whole official server on PVE and PVP and couldn't do it.  So I went with a UN-Official that the Star Citizen group I play with runs. we bumped up the multipliers a bit to just make it a bit more fun. So you don't have to spend 8hrs taming a dino and gathering mats. I haven't been hooked on a game like I have with this one in a long time.  I really think it a love or hate game.  Personally IMO Private servers are where its at if you find a good one.  If you haven't tried the game I would recommend it.
  3. Sanbo added a post in a topic The Division   

    Already did :)
  4. Sanbo added a post in a topic Star Citizen   

    True time will tell on this one.  It will end up one of two things a great game or a great con.
  5. Sanbo added a post in a topic Star Citizen   

    Just in case you guys want to try out the dog fighting module all you have to do is create an account and enter this code CITCONFLIGHT2K15 here
    From what I have been reading you get 2 weeks of the arena command module. Its only good until 25 Oct.
  6. Sanbo added a post in a topic Fallout 4 Announced!   

    Just to give you an example.  I know those are recommend and not the max settings.  This is one of the many mods like  I use on skyrim.  Some of the stuff the community has done is just amazing.  That's why I'm so happy Bethesda is embracing the modding community.  

  7. Sanbo added a post in a topic Fallout 4 Announced!   

    Yeah I kind of think they just wait for the community to make mods to beef it up.  I was running around 100 mods on Skyrim and it made it a entirely new game.  Some of the skins people made for it are down right amazing.
  8. Sanbo added a topic in Other Games   

    Star Citizen
    Hey everybody.  Just in case you don't follow SC like I do  i thought I would give you an update.  SC has been development for 3 years now today and they just released some new game play footage at CitizenCon.  The part of the live stream that really caught my eye was the video below. Its finally starting to take shape.
    They also announced the first part of the game leading up to the MMO style game Squadron 42 and it will be out in 2016.  You can check that out on the website  
    Its definitely worth taking a look at the new updates.   
    They also added a new referral program.  If you decided that you want to join in and pre order PM me and I can get you some extra in game cash to help get you going.
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  9. Sanbo added a post in a topic Battlefront   

    So I just got done playing the beta for a few hours.  8/10 here's why. BtwI gave it +1 for being star wars. :)
    First thoughts....  Its basically BF4 with some Star Wars skins.
    The aiming feels a bit off.
    I like the perk or what ever you want to call it system.  You dont need to get kills to drive an AT-AT or pilot a A-Wing.  You just have to run over them.   I got to play a luke for a min that was fun.   
    I know its just a beta but the large map is way lopsided to the imperials.  I'm sure they will fix that once some data comes back.
    Over all it is fun to play but I myself am getting burnt on FPS.  I does bring a new twist with the Star Wars set up though.  
    I would defiantly try out the beta and at least see if you like it.
  10. Sanbo added a post in a topic Wildstar Goes free to play   

    I'll try it again this weekend. Wonder if my old account will work?
  11. Sanbo added a post in a topic Windows 10   

    I have been on the fence about windows 10.  Is it really worth it?  I have been reading on all of the privacy complaints.  Figure I can shut most of it off.  Dammit Riu you rubbed off on me now I feel like I should make a tinfoil hat lol.
  12. Sanbo added a post in a topic GW2 Display Names   

  13. Sanbo added a post in a topic Community Wide Leave of Absence Thread   

    Had a friend come into town that I haven't seen in years so I wont be on for the next 2-3 weeks. 
  14. Sanbo added a post in a topic HAPPY BIRTHDAY!   

    Happy Birthday.  Don't worry I got a surprise for ya when you get back!
  15. Sanbo added a gallery image in Creation Corner   

    2014 09 14 00.46.53

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