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    Do you miss the amazing BHS MC Server? Here's a solution!
    Hey! Do you guys miss this as much as I do? (See attached image)
    Well come on over to SourceBlock Network. Not only does it have a Survival server completely inspired by our love of BHS, but it has many of your old freinds there, any other ones joining every day. But what else? Well we host AlanBecker's Ghibli Recreation Server on the network. If you don't know him, hes the inventor of Animation Vs Animator, as well as many other videos. HE has over 2.1M YouTube subscribers and just joined our team. We're looking to take our love of BHS and the countless hours of memories there, and recreate them on SourceBlock. All are welcome. The server is a dual Xeon E5, 128GB RAM, 1Gbps, 2TB SSD Beast, she runs as smooth as it gets. It is hosted in central US. Consider giving us a try, bring your friends, and start your empire! IP:
    Website: SourceBlockMC.com

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