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  1. Joey added a post in a topic Leviathan248 passed away   

    rip levi. my fav sad pryo may  you finaly be the happy pryo
  2. Joey added a post in a topic Starting back up slaughterhouse server?   

    there is a was a lot more work and thing to slaughterhouse then just paying for a server and getting people there. it took a large team for the backround work to run it. so much so that the turnaround was even for us kinda high , a ton of pressor and,stress, and headack .  you can give it a go but just know there sooo much more to it then just we pay for a server and you guys ran around on that server. it was a actual oragnztion behing the sceeen that keep it running  a lot of people putingin a lot of hard work and time and mostly never getting notice or even thanks for there work. like dravu, he was one of our biggest worker and rearly got a thank you  but he made almost all our plugin and keep the things up to date.  that just one person of over 12. people got tired burned out and the "people" started not wanting to help out by donating to keep the place running when we coudnt afford to pay it our self. and  everone was just feeling used tired overworked and more. so that why we shut down.  just know what your getting into befor you actualy try.  I sugest find time a few hour to talk to riu in private if possible about how thing actual went and where ran. so you have a better idia befor just jumping into something like this
  3. Joey added a post in a topic list of who has overwach and want freinds   

    joeyslasher #1545
  4. Joey added a topic in Overwatch   

    list of who has overwach and want freinds
    post you screen name  if you got overwach and are looking for friend or member to play with
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  5. Joey added a post in a topic Ark survival evolved   

    some tame do take 5-8 hour but still shorter time then breeding. some breed take 48 hour just to get out of baby to juvi and a week befor adult.  real time consuming
  6. Joey added a post in a topic Ark survival evolved   

    the pve system has a war fuction now where you can fight other tribes only if you both agree to war and a set time you both a gree one to avoived that.  there talks of making the map larger soon  expanding the winter bio and adding a new redwood forest on the west side.  there also like 40 dino still to be addedand there still anouceing new ones ever week and saying they incress the map size befor offial release to commadate al lthe dinos.   it is hard work  I'm barly at mid tear level with 500 hours.  I'm about to hit 80. and they still yet to add the tek levels and acended levels
  7. Joey added a post in a topic Ark survival evolved   

    there always add new thing and dinos, new items anew tech, there going to be doing plasma gun and mounted cannon for dino soon,.  you can do almost anything. it  real fun. it like minecraft  but better and harder, and there 4 or more bosses  ocean to explore they got sea base and air base listed as to be add  this year too. and it hard it not like minecraft where you can get everthing and be done in a few hours. some dino tame can take 5 hour and you have to defen you self while doing do. there a lot to do I cant list everthing . you just have to try it.  they try add new thing ever moth.  here some of the up coming things
  8. Joey added a topic in Other Games   

    Ark survival evolved
    any brother interested in playing ark hit me up been playing and part of a guild on server 332 pve  (empiric ace) is the guild name. let them know your a friend of mine or I send. we also use mumble to voice chat.
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  9. Joey added a topic in Anime   

    Toonami is proud to announce an original co-prodution with legendary studio, Production I.G, “FLCL” seasons 2 and 3! That’s right, we are producing 12 new FLCL episodes to be split into two seasons, and serve as a sequel to the original classic, FLCL! Stay tuned for more info when we have it!
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  10. Joey added a post in a topic Street Fighter V   

    how did they mess it up?
  11. Joey added a topic in Other Games   

    Xcom 2
    if any brother play xcom 2 or got it and are good at making mod, can some one make and publish a bhs logo ( the red S ) for use in the game for nationalty
    please thank you
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  12. Joey added a post in a topic Brotherhead dead in TF2?   

    read here
  13. Joey added a post in a topic destiny ps4   

  14. Joey added a topic in Other Games   

    destiny ps4
    is anyone else playing this game., i just got it for xmas. any tips for a noob  ( actual real one's please )
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  15. Joey added a topic in Other Media   

    id4 ,2.........why it the same damn moive
    so the sequal to independace day tailler is out and it look to be like the 1st moive but now humens has aliens guns 
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