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  1. PudgyBuns added a post in a topic list of who has overwach and want freinds   

    WTF. I just realized I haven't posted in here.
    Down to play with whoever whenever.
  2. PudgyBuns added a post in a topic TF2 Item Trade Post   

    Ok so seriously. I want to sell my entire TF2 backpack. http://backpack.tf/profiles/76561197996595111
  3. PudgyBuns added a post in a topic Legion launched yesterday. Who's playing?   

    God... I am loving these fishing quests.
    I really missed Dalaran. The only fucked up thing is the fact that there is technically a Dalaran above North End as well as above The Broken Isles. What? I still have to fish up my Underbelly Rat in Northend Dalaran because The Broken Isles Dalaran's Sewer is not the "right" Dalaran. Peeves me. 
  4. PudgyBuns added a topic in World of Warcraft   

    Legion launched yesterday. Who's playing?
    I decided I'd go back to wow for a little while since Legion launched and the community seems to be very supportive of this update. Needed a fix of fishing achievements. Wondering if anyone here has been playing or is going to? 
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  5. PudgyBuns added a post in a topic Video Game Screenshots   

    Well i'm playing WoW again. 


  6. PudgyBuns added a post in a topic Twitch Streamers Master List   

    I also have Steam's game stream on and it works with my non steam games as well. May be less entertaining but far more content. 
    | steamname: > PudgyBuns
    | steamID64: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197996595111
    | customURL: http://steamcommunity.com/id/TheRealPudgyBuns
  7. PudgyBuns added a post in a topic LibreCraft! [Semi-Vanilla] [SMP] {Version 1.10.2}   

    Yupp... heh. I know how people feel about this game. I still play it a decent amount though. At least we have one for the time being... heh. 
    EDIT: Yup... this shit is dead fo sho. I don't even want to play MC on a server with people on it. I prefer to single player Sky Factory 2.5 every once in awhile. 
  8. PudgyBuns added a post in a topic LibreCraft! [Semi-Vanilla] [SMP] {Version 1.10.2}   

     While it would be cool to see some impressive mods, the real need is just having people on the server. I'm assuming other people are feeling the same way when i say I personally feel no reason to be on the server for more than 3 hours at a time without someone else there. It needs a small quantity of people to come in at once so they can see "hey there are people here. I have a reason to be here as well". That alone could revitalize it potentially. 
    Events, Contests, spotlights supported by staff sounds like the easiest way to do it. Maybe a discord announcement, or steam group call to action. 
  9. PudgyBuns added a topic in Minecraft   

    LibreCraft! [Semi-Vanilla] [SMP] {Version 1.10.2}
    EDIT: This is the server I'm playing on right now. It might change. Just posting the server to see if people are interested in joining.
    Owner SnakeNY16
    Be respectful.
    No griefing.
    No hacks.
    Keep your language clean.
    No spamming or begging.
    The IP is survival.librecraft.org
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  10. PudgyBuns added a post in a topic Overwatch Beta Weekend II: Electric Boogaloo   

    Oh sick. Bringing The Brotherhood of Slaughter to Overwatch. Watch out yall.
    Excited to play with you folks. Brothers unite! 
    I added everyone above me to my battle.net account

    EDIT: Formerly known as Segata_Sanshiro and MrEndermen
  11. PudgyBuns added a post in a topic Reunion   

    I'm playing on mc.rewiredgaming.ca. it's been up for 2 weeks or so. Its a life in the woods server. 
  12. PudgyBuns added a post in a topic Any chance of server for 1.9?   

    We are now using the full Phedran modpack for life in the woods renaissance. You can connect to our server through the Phedran launcher if you want.
    Come on bros, check it out! it's a mod pack that adds Carpenters blocks and other cool building mods. It doesn't have over complicated machines so you don't have to re learn a game. 
    .... If advertising another server on this forum isn't allowed let me know cus I don't want to piss you folks off.... heh
    I'd like to change my username to PudgyBuns. 
  13. PudgyBuns added a post in a topic Any chance of server for 1.9?   

    hey my friend took the mod files from Life In The Woods: Renaissance and put them on a server with Forge, and got them to work. Its a dedicated server that usually hosts 35, according to the owner, but with all the mods apparently it only hosts 4 people at a time. You're more than welcome to come check it out though. 
    How To Connect:

    Download Technic Launcher
       Download Blacktec's Life In The Woods mod pack
    This is only to adjust the mods currently in use if you have a decent PC OR if you want a map in game. 
    Go to %appdata% in your file explorer (enter this in the top url bar)
    Find the location where Life In The Woods installed (If all defaults for installation where used, its in the .technic folder under mod packs. 
    Go into the Mods Folder, and remove the .disable at the end of the shader mod and the dynamic lighting mods. (I currently have only tested the shader mod on instead of both).  Optional - remove the .disable at the end of Journey Map for map mod in top right of corner (has a few mobs that dont show up so they're question marks on the map, but still are tracked by friendly / hostile mob tracking systems. 
    Now that you have The Mod Pack Downloaded, you click play, and connect to this IP.   mc.rewiredgaming.ca  NOTE: Don't be dicks please brothers.
    I think this has all the mods that you see Guude and VintageBeef playing. Just needs a stronger server plan to host more players. But that means donations.. heh. 

    Check it out and tell me what you think. 
    Seriously. Pease dont grief.... I know you want to. I just wanna see some of you again in game...

    Also: Yall should be in the discord more. 
    Side question : How do i change my forum name. I go by another tag now. 
  14. PudgyBuns added a topic in Minecraft   

    Any chance of server for 1.9?
    I'd like to see the interest in a small 1.9 server. Maybe someone has plans to make their own?
    Anyone here playing on servers right now? I'd like to find one. :D

    the release date was moved to Monday, 29th of February 2016
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  15. PudgyBuns added a post in a topic Spiritual Successor to Ragnarok Online, its Tree of Savior!   


    Here are the min and max requirements for this game. I'll pm you the key. Hope you got at least the min. ^_^;
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