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  1. infinitespirals added a post in a topic list of who has overwach and want freinds   

    How the fuck do you link people to a Battlenet account? Apparently I am infinite#1509, and I have the game now as well.
  2. infinitespirals added a topic in Other Media   

    Dead 7: 90s boy bands in a zombie movie
    Read the article or watch the trailer! 
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  3. infinitespirals added a topic in General Discussion   

    Raffles for this weekend's event!
    This thread will be used to post new raffle links! I'll post when they expire as well. EVERYONE can enter these raffles- captains and admins welcome! I'll get the prizes out as fast as I can :)
    Raffle 1: Paints! DONE
    Raffle 2: Hats! DONE 
    Raffle 3: Souls! DONE 
    Raffle 4: More hats! DONE
    Raffle 5: UNUSUAL BEAR DONE 
    Raffle 6: Strange parts! DONE 
    Raffle 7: Stuff! DONE
    Raffle 8: DONE
    Raffle 9: Unusual Mountain Cap! DONE
    Raffle 10: Unusual Bicorne! DONE
    Raffle 12: MORE SOULS: DONE
    More raffles this week! Keep checking the thread.
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  4. infinitespirals added a post in a topic Draw down of Forces   

    Details are up in a separate thread located here! It's pretty basic, just come and play and win some raffles :D.
  5. infinitespirals added a topic in General Discussion   

    Join us this weekend for our last tf2 server bash!
    Hello folks,
    Join us this weekend for one last chance to play together on the BHS tf2 server! Starting about 2PM on Saturday 1/30 and running until whenever we get sick of it on Sunday, we'll be playing tf2 the BHS way.
    Bring your best micspam! Play some maps you'll probably never see on another server ever again sometimes for excellent reasons. Win some random stuff in our raffles! I'll be posting the raffles on the forums and in-game, and we're using for all of them. We have hundreds of tf2 items to give away and that includes a few unusuals :D 
    If you missed the server shut down thread you can read it here. This weekend is an excellent chance to add all your favorite BHS folks to your steam friends if you want to continue playing together! 
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  6. infinitespirals added a post in a topic Draw down of Forces   

    Please do join us! There are few people it wouldn't be the same without!
    This is still on guys- more info out this weekend!
  7. infinitespirals added a post in a topic BHS Badges!   

    Hello! You should join us next weekend (1/30 and 1/31) for the final weekend on the tf2 servers!
  8. infinitespirals added a post in a topic Draw down of Forces   

    I WOULD LIKE TO DO A LAST WEEKEND OF TF2 IN JANUARY. If you guys'll be there let's do a blowout, no rules weekend 1/29-1/31 where we give away every remaining tf2 prize we have (like 300 items right now) and have some fun!
  9. infinitespirals added a post in a topic Draw down of Forces   

    My god, I never expected an online community to affect my life in so many ways. I remember going from a casual console gamer to a PC gamer with a hefty rig due to BHS's influence on how I gamed and my desire to compete with all the absolutely wonderful people in this community. Through all the hours in tf2 with you all I never once lost my sense of wonder at how some of you play. I hope you all go on to bigger and better things (in and out of gaming) and feel free to add me on steam if you want to stay in touch. Some of my personal favorite moments, in no order whatsoever:
    -the period on the minecraft servers where all the old tf2 captains had god mode and maximreapage basically destroyed everything...with lava...more than once
    -brunk nights with Brink/Insomnia- especially the singing and accent practice 
    -Cultural awareness question & answer sessions with our resident tf2 Australian, Rio (sorry rio, I'm sure the questions got old after a while :p)
    -Micspam nights with the BHS djs like Bacon, Chip, Insomnia 
    -gheist trivia nights 
    -watching the members of our community who played comp games, seriously you guys are all so fun to cheer on
  10. infinitespirals added a post in a topic froyotech disbands   

    Wow, they had such a long run with the core players! Crazy to think they are out now but I guess everyone has to move on at some point.
  11. infinitespirals added a topic in Other Games   

    Who's playing Fallout 4?
    It's pretty much the shit. I've spent all my time so far scavenging and leveling to build settlements, with only the minimum main quest thrown in to keep from falling too far behind. What are you guys all doing in the game?
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  12. infinitespirals added a post in a topic Illaoi, the Kraken Priestess: New Hero Revealed!   

    First a catfish in a tophat, now this....tempting to play this game!
  13. infinitespirals added a topic in Team Fortress 2   

    Playtest from the new Passtime mode
    Hey check it out! Some footage from the new passtime playtest is up on youtube. It looks fun to play, but maybe a little boxy by design (like a hallway of death map).
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  14. infinitespirals added a post in a topic Gun Mettle Update   

    Gun mettle contracts expire tomorrow- don't forget to finish up!
  15. infinitespirals added a topic in Dota 2   

    Dota 2 patch 6.85- rip techies
    Patch 6.85 rolled out this week with a significant amount of changes to the heroes. Read up if you want to see who was buffed and who was nerfed! My favorite change so far has been the ags upgrade on Batrider and Tusk. 
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