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      UPDATED 11-OCT-2014 - Jewjitsu Welcome to the Brotherhood of Slaughter community forums! You are more than welcome to get involved with the many different kinds of discussions occurring in these boards, but there are rules you must follow and take into consideration before posting. These rules are: * What trolling is: DON'T post NSFW outside of the designated NSFW forum. DON'T post information which is irrelevant to the topic of the thread. DON'T post blatant troll posts or threads* DON'T post only images as a response (outside the spam forum) DON'T post only one word as a response (outside the spam forum) DON'T post only a quote as a response, or "fixed" a quote as a response (outside the spam forum) - if you like the content, use the reputation button found on the bottom right of the post. DON'T derail topics DON'T post a public discussion about acquiring pirated ANYTHING. Torrent, direct download, or otherwise. (instant removal of topic and you will be put under post moderation) DON'T post pornography. DON'T participate in, or start public arguments - if a topic turns into an argument, the thread will be locked and all parties of the argument will receive one (1) warn point. DON'T make your signature incredibly large** DON'T post several times in a row (even in the spam section)*** DO NOT post threads which have the sole purpose of soliciting clicks on any pay-per-click/visit websites (i.e. adf.ly) The word NIGGER is allowed only on the forums, but this however, does not give you an excuse to be a troll. Please familiarize yourself with our Avatar Restrictrions. Do not post any ads/other server IPs without first getting permission with riuthamus or DMW.

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