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Posts of the Week December 15th- December 21st

Happy Holidays everybody, have some posts of the week!

[General] Brotherhood of Singing - Freespark
Some people in this community have great singing voices, listen to them! Especially Tophu. Cause Tophu.

[Spam] Only in Russia - Whyiamso
Russia at it's finest.

[Team Fortress 2] Who is your idol in Slaughterhouse? - Moonkid101
When I grow up, I wanna be like Moonkid. What about you?

[Team Fortress 2] If you could sum up Slaughterhouse in one unusual... - infinitespirals
What unusual do you think best represents the community? Share it with us!

[Other Games] ]DayZ Standalone ALPHA released! - RandomExpletive
DayZ's finally available on Early Access!

I'd like to remind you guys of some other fun stuff we have going on here on the forums. We've got a LoL Showdown Tournament going on you should definitely check out. With the new minecraft map coming out soon, we're giving away 5 copies of the game! And in the spirit of the holidays, we're having the Frostbite Extravaganza! Check it out!

Otherwise, that's it for this week. See you next Sunday for the last Posts of the Week for 2013!

-The Moderation Team
BHS Frostbite Extravaganza!
Posted By: KitsuneKatari
Hey everyone!

It's that time of year again for the BHS winter events, this year dubbed the BHS Frostbite Extravaganza!! Running from now until January 3rd, your butts will surely be frostbitten with fun and laughs throughout the whole thing!

This year, we're gonna run things a little differently. Basically, we're gonna hold a big raffle draw! w00t! But wait... How do I enter the draw, you ask? WELL! First off, you get your first entry, by just posting in this thread that you want to participate! That's all it takes to get a chance in the draw, and you're on your way to earning extra entries.

Our High Council team is going to be putting on events throughout the coming weeks, the prizes of which will mostly be bonus entries into this raffle. The events will take place in our TF2 servers, our Minecraft Server, and a lot will be on the forums. Lots of chances to gain bonus entries and have fun at the same time!

We're going to have 2 Grand prizes along with 10 First Prizes. The first prizes will be games from the collection we have (lots of really good ones!) and the Grand prizes will be the same as the first prizes, but with a little something more ;)

More details about the events will come as the Captains host them, so be on the look-out! And don't forget to post here to get your first entry!

As an added bonus, everyone who participated in the BHS Secret Santa will get 3 bonus entries as well!

Good luck!
-High Council
Posts of the Week December 8th - 14th
Posted By: KitsuneKatari

Posts of the Week December 8th - 14th

Happy finals week everybody! Another Posts of the Week here to distract you from "studying"

[General] MadGod takes flight this week! - MadGod Mugiwari
The Man, the Myth, the LEGEND, MadGod has returned! Catch him from the 13th - 18th, only at your local [insert place people hang out in Orange County]

[Spam] Samsung pls - Nuke Dukem
With the greatest title of all time, Nuke gives us the low-down on the latest tech debacle, Samsung's S4 phones bursting into flame.

[ Media] Music Videos From Your Childhood - arpinity3024
Oh god, all the things I didn't want to remember about [insert childhood decade here]

[World of Warcraft] Spy agencies deployed into WoW - SuperSex
World of Warcraft confirmed terrorist training simulator. Blizzard should start giving away free months to potential terrorists, maybe they'll get addicted ;D

[League of Legends] Patch 3.15 - Jewjitsu
I swear you guys give me the weeks we've got LoL content so you can watch me flounder... Looks like they nerfed someone, you guys know the drill ;D

Everyone SAY HELLO to our newest brother: VsAcesoVer !

We've got a few promotions going on, check 'em out!
RuinValor Forums
Minecraft Mod Interest
League of Legends Yasuo Giveaway

Thats all for this week, study hard guys! And for everyone without finals... grrr

- Mod Team

Posts of the Week November 24th- November 30th

As it comes every week, its sunday again! That being said its POTW time, Enjoy!

[General] Amazon Prime Air - RandomExpletive
Need some packages shipped in time for the holidays? Then try out this fancy new method. (extra charges may apply)

[Spam] Psychology Survey - KitsuneKatari
Help out on of our fellow community members on one of his intriguing new projects.

[Team Fortress 2] Slaughterhouse Secret Santa - Insomnia
Do you play TF2? Then this is a great way to have some fun and maybe get that awesome prize that everyone wants, or a great way to get to know everyone if you don't play.

[Minecraft] Most Awkward Moments of Minecon - adamjared
Enjoy minecraft? Need a good laugh? Don't enjoy minecraft? Still need a good laugh? Then click there!

[League of Legends] How to get out of elo heaven? - Mao
Having trouble reaching this? Or are you good at it and want to help others? Spread some knowledge.

We would like to welcome the newest additions to our family, Welcome Buru and Squid! Make yourself at home and don't hesitate to ask about anything :D

With the holiday season vast approaching we have a few promotions/events going on, first being our Santa hat contest, so come show your spirit! And second of all a reminder about our Battlefield 4 raffle, so don't forget to enter!

Thats what's up for this week, until next week, happy foruming! (is that a word?)
-The Moderation Team

Posts of the Week November 24th- November 30th

Happy Sunday everybody, have some posts of the week!

[General] Steam Autumn Sale 2013 - RandomExpletive
Valve is getting itself some Black Friday action with an autumn sale that will be lasting until December 3rd. Share your thoughts with us, what games are or aren't worth our dollars?

[General] What are you thankful for (Slaughterhouse style 2013) - riuthamus
What are you grateful for this Thanksgiving? Let us know!

[Other Games] Persona 5 (and more) - Freespark
Atlus announced a Persona game for the 3DS, the PS3/Xbox360, and a dancing game for the vita! Oh, and Persona 5. No big deal.

[Team Fortress 2] How to save a round - HellTemplar
I wish I could rocket jump with soldier ;_;

[League of Legends] Snowdown Approaches! (and 1v1s) - Jewjitsu
Riot is bringing back 20 old skins and introducing 3 new ones for the holidays. They will also be implimenting an official 1v1 and 2v2 match making system. Check it out!

I'd like to remind you guys of some other fun stuff we have going on here on the forums. For those of you who haven't heard yet, we are having a Battlefield 4 raffle every Sunday in which you can win a copy of the game. Also, show us your holiday spirit and you might just win some sweet, sweet rep. Otherwise, that's it for this week. See you next Sunday!

-The Moderation Team

Posts of the Week November 17th - November 23rd

Another week, another five great topics to share with the community!

[General] New Computer - zqg
zqg is looking to build himself a computer, lets help him get the most for his money!

[Spam] I went video then made a scuba diving - ActionSloth
Theres not a whole lot cooler than scuba diving footage!

[media] Harry Potter 8 - 3-Day-Respawn
3-Day-Respawn has the inside scoop on a new harry potter?

[Team Fortress 2] Two Cities Update - DamnedLies
Update ahooooy! Stock up on tickets lads, because this MVM train don't stop for ANYTHING!

[League of Legends] patch 3.14: tau/2 is better - sic(k)
Buffs, nerfs... I know a few of these words. If you're a League fan, I'm sure you know what they're talking about ;D

Everyone make sure to say hello to our newest brother, LUnix! Welcome to the brotherhood mate!

My goodness we've got quite a few promotions going on, lets check em out:
Santa Hat Holiday Contest: Its that time of year again folks, show your spirit and add a santa hat to your forum avatar for a chance at 100 rep!

BF4 Raffle Reminder: EmoZombie Niz is hosting a raffle for some copies of battlefield 4, as well as some sweet swag, go check it out!

Next Funding Cycle: Thanks again to the donators that got us to meet our December 2nd deadline for donations, but we're not done yet, lets be sure to meet the next donation deadline of March 2014!

New BF4 Section: Hot new game? You bet we've got a section for it, head on over to the new BF4 subforum to see what all the buzz is about!

-Mod Team

Posts if the Week November 10th - November 16th

Interesting stuff this week, can't wait to see what we will have next week!
[Spam] Coin - 3-Day-Respawn
Almost seems a little too easy, even if our future appears to be heading in this direction!

[General] Today - onlos
Welcome back, brother!

[Team Fortress 2] The Answer to Spies - Face
Yay. Another reason to blame why Kitsune sucks at TF2.

[Minecraft] Server Status - ALPHA
Never thought the day would come.

[League of Legends] New Champion: A Sword without a Sheath - Jewjitsu
Holding our breath! (how the fuck does this thread have over 1,300 views and only 11 replies?)

Also make sure to check out our new server Promotions!
Santa Hat Contest: http://www.bhslaught...ow-your-spirit/
BF4 Raffle Reminder (new raffle bundles available): http://www.bhslaught...bf4-give-a-way/

Happy posting this week!

-The Moderation Team and Kitsune :D

Posted By: KitsuneKatari

Long awaited PS4 is released!
(Time to wait for the price to drop.)
I got mine, stood in line for 4 hours! Love it
Does the controller feel much different?

Posts of the Week November 3rd- November 9th

Another week of foruming to share with everybody!

[Spam] Which Firearm Represents Your Type of Girl / Guy? - Rits
What firearm specialty would you find most interesting or attractive? Let us know!

[Media] QI- My Favorite Show - ALPHA
This show is amazing, I need to watch more of it. Plus, Jimmy Carr is in about half of the episodes, so that's wonderful :D

[Other Games] Ghost - Shayne
The next Call of Duty game was released this week, the first COD game that will be on PS4 and Xbox One. Is it more of the same or is it truly "next gen"?

[League of Legends] Show Off Your LoL Games! - Jewjitsu
Share your killsteals League games with the community!

[Spam] It's Official: The Mayor of My City Smokes Crack - g..
Ah, the end of a political career. Such a majestic trainwreck.

Before we finish off, I'd like to congratuate our newest TF2 admin, Fixxxer, on his newest position. Good work! For those of you who haven't heard yet, we are now running our own Battlefield 4 server and are having a raffle every Sunday for the next few weeks in which you can win a copy of BF4! Otherwise, that's it for this week. See you next Sunday!

-The Moderation Team
Posts of the week October 13th - 19th
Posted By: KitsuneKatari
Global Moderators Posts of the Week for the second week in October is up for the public!

If you're unaware of the existence of the Weekly PotW, now is your chance to catch up! Every week the GM team puts together a compilation of posts we deem reflective of our community.

Come check it out on the forums!

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